Public Works Department
The Public Works Department is responsible for the municipal services that provide domestic water supply and distribution, storm water control, streets, and engineering. These services provide the framework upon which a community is built. In addition, the Public Works Department also manages the Parks, City Pool, and is the Animal Control Officer.
Code Enforcement
The investigation and enforcement actions are a joint effort by Public Works, Community Development, the Police and Fire Departments, the Thurston County Health Department, and possibly various State or Federal agencies, depending upon the nature of the complaint or code violation. City staff typically investigate and enforce codes that govern nuisances, such as the accumulation of trash and debris, open buildings, sight obstructions, illegal signs, inoperable and abandoned vehicles both on private property and within City right-of-ways, parking on sidewalks, overgrown vegetation, environmental matters, and illegal land filling and grading; it also acts to coordinate the enforcement efforts in cases where several Departments or outside agencies are involved in actions with multiple violations.
The Public Works Department is committed to providing a service level that will allow Tenino to grow and prosper.
For More Information Contact:
Dave Dafoe, Public Works Director
149 Hodgden Street South
PO Box 4019
Tenino, WA 98589
Tel: (360) 264-2368
FAX: (360) 264-5772
EMERGENCIES – For emergency response by the Public Works Department, call 264-2370.