A statement from Chief John Hutchings
I believe public service is a noble calling encompassing pride, honor, accountability and a shared responsibility.  Your new Tenino-Rainier Police Department delivers services through a strategy emphasizing personal character, integrity and honesty.
We are ready, relevant, and engaged and we work in partnership with our community; citizens, businesses and schools.  Although tough budgetary constraints obligate and challenge us to do our business smarter, the new Tenino-Rainier Police organization is up to that challenge!
We optimistically continue to deliver services designed to both serve and enhance our cities, providing for safer communities.  Our goals are; crime reduction, maintaining and improving priority response times, managing resources, ensure continual improvement, and pursue funding sources to augment new technology and equipment.
It is my privilege to serve as your Chief of Police.
If a member of our organization can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Warm regards,
Chief John Hutchings
John Hutchings is a 31 year veteran police officer having worked for two different police departments in two different states.  He retired from the Olympia Police Department to accept the job of Chief of Police for the Tenino-Rainier Police Department.
John earned his Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University (Orange, CA) in 2004. He has worked in nearly every capacity within the police organizations for which he served.
John is a Fulbright Scholar, having been awarded the prestigious Fulbright Police Fellowship in 2007/2008.  While living in England for three months, he conducted research (England, Scotland and Wales), coming into contact with over 200 police officers and police executives.
He attended the Daniel J. Evans School of Executive Management offered through the University of Washington.  John is a member of the Board of Directors for Together!, a non-profit organization dedicated to engage, advocate, and educate the youth of our county.
Working with a Seattle mental health professional, John co-authored a book designed to assist officers in the de-escalation of those with mental illness in crisis.  John has presented at numerous forensic mental health conferences in England and Australia.
John is a devoted husband and father of two adult children and is Opa to his three grand kids.
He was sworn in as Chief of Police for the Tenino Police Department June 26, 2012.  He looks forward to the challenges of being Chief and leaving his fingerprint on a fine organization.



The Tenino Police Department is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in providing professional and caring law enforcement services.
Our role is to enable a safe and secure community environment that will be a source of pride for future generations; to ensure crime prevention through our presence and community education; to protect the rights of citizens from those who wish to compromise that right; and to continually grow with and lead the community into the future.
If you seek police records, you must complete a Public Disclosure form and provide it to the Tenino Police Department at the address below.
For More Information, Contact the Tenino Police Department:
Address (Location): 358 McClellan Street South, Tenino WA 98589
Address (Mailing): P.O. Box 4019, Tenino WA 98589-4019
For Emergency Dial 911
For Non-Emergency to Request an Officer: (360) 704-2740
Tenino Police Business: (360) 264-2626
FAX: (360) 264-4578