Wayne Fournier     Term Ends:  December 31, 2020


City Council Officials (Elected)  –  Term Ends
1-Sirena Painter                                       December 31, 2017
2-Dave Watterson                                    December 31, 2020
3-John O’Callahan                                   December 31, 2017
4-Craig Lester                                           December 31, 2017
5-Susan Copeland                                   December 31, 2020
Planning Commissioners (Appointed)
1-Shelley Forest                         
2-William Rutherford (Vice Chair)
3-Mike Brown                            
4-Fred Evander                         
5-Rebecka Stephens                 
Parks Commissioners (Appointed)
1-Aimee Richardson
2-Daniel Shelfer
3-Mari Evans     
4-K. Diane Dolstad
5-Julie Graham 
Civil Service Commission (Appointed)
1-Linda Gotovac
2-Ken Jones
3-James Lucas
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Thurston County Redistricting Information:  Every ten years, a census of the nation’s population is conducted.  Following the census, congressional, legislative, and county legislative (commissioner) boundaries are changed to ensure that each district has a fair distribution of political representation.