What Defines A Business in Tenino?
All businesses that are defined as for-profit businesses under the U.S. Internal Revenue Service code are required to have a business license. 
  • Any business that physically conducts business inside the City of Tenino, whether or not it has a physical structure in Tenino, is required to have a business license, including delivery and repair businesses.
  • Internet businesses and home-based businesses physically located in Tenino are also required to get a license and comply with relevant zoning restrictions.
  • Non-profits must obtain a business license but are not required to pay the license fee.
  • Service businesses operated by those younger than 18, such as a lawn-mowing business, lemonade stands or newspaper delivery businesses, are not required to have a business license. 
Application Process:
Currently the business license application must be submitted in person at City Hall or mailed in with the business license application fee of $50.00. Once received by the City administration office, the permit will be reviewed and processed. Typically business licenses are issued within 2 weeks of submittal of a completed application form and required payment. In the future the City may have an on-line application, payment and issuance process for business licenses.
Renewals are sent out in the second week of the renewal month with a Business License Renewal Coupon. For example, if your renewal is due April 30th your renewal will go out the first week of April. If your renewal has not been paid by the 30th, then you will be sent a second notice the following month. So, in our example, you will receive your second notice in May. If for some reason you did not receive a renewal notice, please use this business license renewal form when you submit payment.
Violation of any provision of the business license ordinance shall be a class A Civil Infraction, subject to a fine not to exceed $500 per violation.
For More Information:
For questions or more information, please call (360) 264-2368 or email your questions to clerktreasurer@ci.tenino.wa.us.
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