Public Works

The City of Tenino Public Works Department is responsible for the municipal services that provide domestic water supply and distribution, storm water control, streets, and engineering. These services provide the framework upon which a community is built. In addition, the Public Works Department manages the parks and the city pool and is the animal control officer.

Troy Cannon
Public Works Director
(360) 561.1506
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Brent Gibbs
Maintenance Worker
(360) 951.0876
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Jason Plaja
Maintenance Worker
(360) 628.7308
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Ty Baker
Maintenance Worker
(360) 951.7121
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Jack Burnham
Maintenance Helper
(360) 628.0202
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Emergency phone number: (360) 264.2370 
Please call when alarm is going off.

How to silence the alarm?  The button is on the bottom of the electrical box (just push). Once you have silenced the alarm, you must still call the emergency number!

Never flush disinfecting wipes, baby wipes, Q-tips®, toilet cleaning pads, mop or Swiffer® type refills, paper towels, moist towelettes, sanitary napkins or tampons, any consumer item that is not toilet paper.

Never pour grease down sink drains.

Never flush grease or oils down the toilet.


Emergency Phone Number: (360) 264.2370 
Please call if you see water leaks around your connection boxes or along buried pipes.

If you need your water shut off at the meter, you must call the city; the homeowner must not attempt to turn water service to house off or on at the meter. If it is determined the valve mechanism has been tampered with, the homeowner is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.


Emergency Phone Number: (360) 264.2370
Please call if you see potholes, downed trees, or signs down.

Animal Control

Emergency Phone Number: (360) 264.2370
Please call if an aggressive dog confronts you.

Report found dogs at (360) 561.1506