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Tenino, Washington 98589
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Code Compliance

Our Mission

To apply the Tenino Municipal Code relating to nuisance abatement in an impartial, professional, and respectful manner in an effort to obtain voluntary compliance with all provisions of the Tenino Municipal Code in order to preserve the public peace, health, safety, and welfare.

 Code Compliance Officers

Because of our limited budget, the City of Tenino does not have dedicated full-time “code compliance officers,” but rather, several city officials have been designated to perform code compliance duties. The building inspector, chief of police, clerk/treasurer, and director of public works investigate any allegations of non-compliance with the city’s municipal code.

Code Compliance Policy

“Voluntary compliance” is the cornerstone of Tenino’s code compliance program. Education is the start point; “notice” and the “opportunity to cure” are the hallmarks of each step in the process.

Without full-time code compliance officers, our code compliance program is, of necessity, complaint-driven. This does not mean that the city will not act unless we receive a complaint, it is just an acknowledgement that code compliance is not a primary duty of those charged with oversight.

Upon being made aware of a potential non-compliance, the compliance officer who is in best position to investigate any code compliance issue shall take the actions prescribed in Title 8 (health, welfare, and nuisances) of the Tenino Municipal Code.