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149 Hodgden Street South
Tenino, Washington 98589
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City Building

We are here to help you find the information you need. The forms and information on this page will be your guide as you plan and carry out your city building projects. Please let us know how we can further help you be successful.

When is a Building Permit Required?

  • To build any new structures, except accessory structures less than 120 square feet
  • To construct additions to existing structures, except uncovered residential decks less than 30 inches above grade
  • To place a mobile or modular home
  • To remodel or repair existing buildings when the remodel involves:
    • structural members
    • adding or removing doors or windows
    • constructing or demolishing interior partition walls
    • replacing sheetrock
    • relocating plumbing or mechanical fixtures, etc., including garage conversions, etc.
  • Changes in use or occupancy classification of an existing building
  • Installation or replacement of fuel burning appliances, such as wood stoves, gas furnaces, hot water tanks, fire-place inserts, etc.
  • Installation of a fire suppression (sprinkler) system
  • Installation, relocation, or replacement of signage, including painted graphics on building facade
  • Commercial and residential re-roofing, including accessory structures over 120 sq. ft.
  • Demolition or partial demolition of existing structures
  • Grading, excavation, or fill involving more than 50 cubic yards of material
  • Rockeries or retaining walls greater than 4 feet in height
  • Fences greater than 6 feet in height
  • Decks 30” above grade
  • In-ground or above-ground pools or spas (Also requires WA State Dept. of Health permit.)

When is a Building Permit Not Required?

Although some construction activities do not require a permit, they must comply with building setback requirements. Please contact us at (360) 264.2368 for the specific setback requirements in your zoning designation.

  • To construct an accessory building less than 120 square feet in floor area
  • To construct a residential deck that is uncovered and not more than 30 inches above grade at its highest point
  • To remove and replace sign inserts in existing cabinets
  • To replace existing plumbing fixtures utilizing existing water piping and traps
  • To paint or wallpaper, lay carpet or vinyl flooring, install cabinets, and other finish work not involving the construction or demolition of interior walls, doors, or windows
  • To build a fence less than six (6) feet in height or a retaining wall less than four (4) feet in height
  • Platforms and/or walks not over 30” above grade

Development Opportunities

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start your own business, the proprietor of an established business in search of a place to build your home office, and/or a light industry that is in close proximity to the I-5 corridor, give Tenino a look. With the installation of Tenino’s new sewer system, the availability of both vacant commercial lots and unoccupied storefronts in Tenino’s downtown core as well as the growing population of the area, now is a great time to invest in Tenino.

Please e-mail your questions to our planner, Katrina VanEvery.