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Our city business office is here to help you apply for the licenses and find the resources you need so you can run a profitable business within the City of Tenino. We welcome your applications.

Doing Business within the Tenino City Limits

Business Licenses

Tenino, like many cities throughout the United States, requires a business license in order to conduct business within the city limits. To learn more about the business license requirements, we invite you to visit the Business License Requirements webpage on the Tenino, Washington Municipal Codes website.

Please note that the requirement applies to the “conducting of business,” whether you have a physical structure within the city limits, or not. There is no exemption that is related to a physical structure, so internet-based businesses and out-of-town businesses are not exempt. If you conduct business within the city limits, you must have a business license issued by the city. Conducting business without a license is a misdemeanor.

You will find our business license applications in the list of hyperlinks to the right.

Business and Occupation Tax (B&O Tax)

Like the State of Washington, Tenino also requires certain businesses conducting business within the city limits to pay the city B&O tax. The amount of the tax is levied at two-tenths of one percent (0.2%) on the gross income from business activities when such activities produce more than $20,000.00 per year or $5,000.00 per quarter; it is a direct tax on the business activity itself. This means that the tax is borne by the business itself, not the customers of the business.

Businesses are required to file a B&O tax return on a quarterly basis, whether any tax is owed or not. Failure to file a return is a misdemeanor.

You will find the B&O tax forms and the ordinances that require them in the list of hyperlinks to the right.

Doing Business within the State of Washington

State Business Licenses

The State of Washington requires anyone doing business in the state to have a state-issued business license. You can apply for a business license by filling out an online application on the State of Washington website.

State Business and Occupation Tax (B&O Tax)

The State of Washington requires all businesses in the state to pay the state B&O tax. You can find information on the state B&O tax on the Washington State Department of Revenue website.

Doing Business within Thurston County

County Business License

Thurston County requires some businesses to obtain a business license. You will find information on county business licenses on the Thurston County website.